Perlis Islamic University Scholarship for Bachelor’s Study in Malaysia


If you would like to study in Malaysia, you can apply for the Perlis Islamic University Scholarship, which is offered to international students of different nationalities around the world who wish to have the opportunity to begin studying a bachelor’s degree in Malaysia for the next academic year. Scholarships help advance your academic and career goals by removing financial barriers to covering study expenses.

Perlis University Malaysia (UniMAP) is the cheapest university in Malaysia and is the seventeenth public institution of higher education in Malaysia. Approved by the Malaysian government in May 2001, it started as a tertiary university – Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan Utara Malaysia (KUKUM). The institution’s first intake of 116 engineering students began studies in June 2002. In February 2007, KUKUM was upgraded to a full-fledged university and renamed Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). The university is one of only four technical universities in Malaysia. UniMAP’s raison d’être was to produce highly skilled engineers to fulfill and support the Malaysian Industrial Scheme (Pelan Induk Perindustrian Negara). Over the years, we have remained true to this mission, aiming to produce exemplary individuals who contribute to the national development and competitiveness agenda of the industry.

  • College of Islamic Studies:
    • Diploma in Islamic Studies.
    • Sharia Diploma.
    • Diploma in Arabic Language.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies.
  • College of the Qur’an and Sunnah:
    • Diploma in the Qur’an and readings.
    • Bachelor’s degree in the Qur’an and the Language of the Prophet’s Sunnah.
    • Bachelor of Quran.
  • College of Commerce and Islamic Finance:
    • Diploma in Islamic Banking.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Banking and Finance.
    • Bachelor of Transaction Management (Property Management).
    • Diploma in Islamic Property Management.
    • Diploma in Mosque Management.
  • College of Business Administration and Management Sciences:
    • Diploma in Accounting.
    • Bachelor of Accounting.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
    • Bachelor of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship).
    • Bachelor of International Business Administration.
    • Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.
    • Bachelor of Computer Science (Data Science).
  • In addition, you can study:
    • One-year English language course.
    • A one-year introductory course.
  • The Perlis Islamic University scholarship provides a monthly stipend of 250 ringgit and a monthly stipend of 350 ringgit.
  • Complete exemption from tuition fees
  • Free housing for students in the university city.
  1. Application admission for new students of Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPS) is entirely online.
  2. KUIPs new students’ intake is conducted twice a year, during February and September sessions.
  3. Applicants must pass the minimum eligibility requirement in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).
  4. The applicant must provide the following:
    1. Passport-sized images in (JPEG) format
    2. Active e-mail
    3. Identification Card in (JPEG) format
    4. SPM certificate in (JPEG) format and any academic qualification certificate such as STPM, STAM, Diploma or Other in (JPEG/PDF) format according to the application stage in the form set to be uploaded into the system.
  5. Only complete applications will be processed to the next level. Applicants will need to complete all parts of the application system.
  6. The announcement of approval and the offer will be made to the applicant via e-mail.
  7. Successful applicants can download the offer letter directly from the system upon approval. No postal delivery of the offer letter will be made.
  8. For scholarship applications, applicants who have been successfully offered admission with the KUIPS official offer letter will be given a link to apply for the scholarship.
  9. Please contact our Advisor representative if you have any problems or questions regarding the application process.

Required Documents to Upload for Online Application

    • 3.5cm x 5.0cm white background with dark colored shirt
    • Biometric page in PDF format
    • Copy of official certificate and final transcript in native language AND official English translations.
    • Required as an entry requirement for programs under Faculty of Business & Science Management and Faculty of Muamalah & Islamic Finance. For others, the certification required for graduation requirement.


  1. For Diploma Program:Completed Higher or Secondary school with a minimum total of 10 years of education, minimum 3 credits in relevant subjects of GCE ‘O’ Level with English listed as one of curriculum in the academic.AND Meet English competency requirements as follow:-
    i. Official TOEFL score minimum 213 (CBT)/550 (PBT_ or IELTS minimum 5.5 CEFR A2 or Malaysian University Test (MUET) Band 3.
  2. For Bachelor Degree Program:Completed Higher or Secondary school with a minimum total of 12 years of education; and subjected to a minimum entry requirement set for origin country recognised by the Government of Malaysia.Meet English competency requirements as follow:-
    Official TOEFL score minimum 213 (CBT)/550 (PBT)or IELTS minimum 5.5 CEFR A2 or Malaysian University Test (MUET) Band 3.
  3. Applicant must provide a copy of valid international passport with a minimum of 18 months prior to expiry. Applicant also need to fill in thoroughly the Health Declaration Form before uploading to the system along with passport photo and academic credential.
  4. To check your online application status, kindly log in by key in your passport number and registered password.

About the University of Perlis Malaysia – Unimap (UNIMAP University): The University of Perlis Malaysia is ranked 17th among public institutions of higher education and was approved in May 2001. Originally, the University of Perlis Malaysia was known as the North Malaysia University College of Engineering and the number of students in it is approximately It has about 13,488 students and a workforce that includes 2,193 academic and non-academic employees. It has about 25 majors for university studies that grant a bachelor’s degree in engineering. It has two majors for university studies that grant a bachelor’s degree in business administration. It also has 13 educational programs that lead to obtaining a bachelor’s degree in engineering technology. Perlis University Malaysia also offers 6 specializations in diploma in engineering programs and 39 specializations for post-university studies for master’s and doctoral studies.

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