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About University:

University of Giessen, official name Justus Liebig University Giessen (German: Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen), is a large public research university in Giessen, Hesse, Germany. It is named after its most famous faculty member, Justus von Liebig, the founder of modern agricultural chemistry and inventor of artificial fertiliser. It covers the areas of arts/humanities, business, dentistry, economics, law, medicine, science, social sciences, and veterinary medicine. Its university hospital, which has two sites, Giessen and Marburg (the latter of which is the teaching hospital of the University of Marburg), is the only private university hospital in Germany.

About Scholarship:

The International PhD Program for Agricultural Economics, Bioeconomy and Rural Development (IPPAE) was first accredited in 1992 by the funder, the German Academic Exchange Office (DAAD). The program is the result of a cooperation between the agricultural economics groups of the University of Hohenheim and the University of Giessen. The program is highly competitive and interdisciplinary. Its strength is that all PhD candidates have prior research or work experience in an area close to their PhD topics, which strengthens their analytical skills as well as the amount of knowledge that can be passed from peer to peer. In Giessen, the IPPAE lays its thematic focus on empirical, problem-solving research, at the crossroads between agricultural economics, agricultural sociology, farm economics and sustainable resource use. To date, more than 100 candidates received their PhD through the IPPAE Giessen.

Scholarships Details:

Degree PhD Agricultural Economics, Bioeconomy and Rural Development

language : English 

Duration of study : 36 month

Host Country : Germany  ,University of Giessen

DAAD funding: –

  • The scholarship is fully funded, monthly payments of € 1200 for graduates
  • Health insurance and personal accident insurance payments
  • Travel allowance, unless these expenses are covered by the home country or other source of funding 

    Scholarship Coverage

    Funding for this program as well as the German language course is provided by DAAD.

    Monthly Funding
    A monthly scholarship which presently amounts to € 1.200 is paid for the time of the doctoral studies (38 months).
    Family allowances are provided if the candidate’s family joins him/her during the time of the doctoral scholarship allocation.

    Yearly Funding

    One return flight per year for 3 years
    Yearly research grant of € 460 to purchase items such as laptops, winter clothes, or cover the costs to participate to courses or conferences

    Additional Research Funding

    A fieldwork allowance is provided for 2 years. This allowance is of maximum € 2.500 and is not extendable at all.
    The publication of the PhD Thesis is supported with up to € 1.200.

    German Languange Course Funding

    Allowance of € 410 per month
    Accomodation is provided



The IPPAE Giessen program lasts 38 months. It has a formalised structure which is compulsory to follow. The programme starts 1st of October each year.

Prior to the program, candidates are required to participate in a compulsory German language course organised by DAAD which takes place in Marburg and starts 1st of August each year.


Specific activities Months
Course work


Proposal design and finalization


Data collection in country of origin


Data analysis and writing


Defense of thesis and publication



Compulsory Course WorkYou are required to follow and pass 3 modules at the beginning of the funding period, after the German language course.  The module “Economy of Rural Institutions” is compulsory for all candidates. The other two modules can be freely chosen from the modules offered at faculty 09 as well as certain modules at faculties 02 and 03 in order to provide you with relevant methods and theoretical knowledge for your PhD research.


IPPAE Doctoral SeminarThe IPPAE group gathers every week during the teaching periods of the winter and summer semesters to share and discuss research approaches and progress, as well as administrative matters. The seminar aims to support students in the process of their research by other candidates as well as the program coordinator and leader to give a feedback. It is also a means to develop your scientific presentation skills.


Field Work and Data Collection
The program foresees that you will collect empirical primary data for a selected case study in your country of origin.
Data Analysis and Writing
Upon return from the data collection, the candidate has about 1,5 years to conduct three main analyses out of the aquired data. The work should be splitted in three main objectives and worked on one at a time. The candidate should then use the IPPAE seminar to present his/her 3 analyses.
Defense and Publication
In the last months of the scholarship, the candidate will need to bring all his/her work in the form of a book: the PhD thesis, with an introduction, (if necessary one descriptive chapter; if necessary one separate methodology chapter) at least 2 analytical chapters, and one general discussion/conclusion.

University Admission Requirements :

To qualify for this program, you need to:

  • not reside in Germany in the last 15 months;
  • have a Master’s or equivalent degree in agricultural economics or related science with a minimum grade of A or B. The award of your last academic degree must not lie more than 6 years before the application date.
  • have at least two years of work experience in a relevant domain, before or after completing your M.Sc., but in all cases, before applying to this program;
  • have a permit from your employing organization to go on a sabbatical leave; and
  • be fluent in written and spoken English.

Application documents:

Required documents (in the following order):

  • DAAD application form
  • hand-signed CV (please use the europass specimen form at
  • hand-signed letter of motivation (with reference to current occupation) maximum 2 pages
  • academic letter/s of recommendation (the letters must have a letterhead, a signature and office stamp and must be of recent date
  • professional letter/s of recommendation from your employer (the letters must have a letterhead, a signature and office stamp and must be of recent date)
  • confirmation of employment from the employer in your home country and -if possible- a guarantee of reemployment upon your return home
  • Proof of language abilities:

a) English – TOEFL or IELTS (Note: We only accept an academic TOEFL)
b) German – necessary for the courses taught in German; for the courses taught in English, if available

  • (certified*) copies of awarded academic degrees (certified translation if necessary)
  • (certified*) copies of academic transcripts (certified translation if necessary)

Please check with the requirements of the according University whether certified copies are required.
Please note that the University you are applying for may require additional documents. Please check with the website of the according postgraduate course.

Application deadline:


How to apply?

This page provides all information you need to apply for IPPAE. Before sending your application, please read this page carefully. Make sure you meet all the admission requirements and prepare all the required documents.

Application Procedure and Deadline

Interested and qualified candidates should send their application through the IPPAE application form.


The application documents should be uploaded in the application form in two files only:

 The first PDF-file should include application documents from 1 to 8, in the same order. (Please make sure to merge them into one single file, using for example the “combine” function in Acrobat or a free online tool.)

– The second PDF-file should be document 9: your proposal only.

Please do not compress your files.


The deadline for applications send through this form is 30th November each year.
Earlier applications are encouraged to facilitate the screening of the applications. Kindly note that we will consider neither late nor incomplete applications.

If it is not possible for you at all to send the application online you may send the documents by post. The deadline is 30th November, as well.

If you send your application per post, please also send us an e-mail with your proposal as a PDF-file and send it to the address below:


University of Giessen

Institute für Agrarpolitik und Marktforschung

IPPAE – Jutta Bender

Senckenbergstr. 3,

35390 Giessen,



[email protected]

Alternatively, you can choose to hand in your application at the DAAD office in the home country or local Recruiting Manager. If you choose this way, the application deadline is 31st August each year.

For further information on eligibility for IPPAE and the application process, please have a look at our FAQ page.


Postal address

Chair of Agricultural and Environmental Policy
Senckenbergstraße 3
35390 Giessen


phone: +49 (0) 641 – 99 – 37033
Fax: +49 (0) 641 – 99 – 37039

Office hours:

Monday to Friday 8.00 – 12.00


Contact information staff

Getting to us

By train:

Giessen Central Station- Bus lines 2, 5, 24 to “Marketplace” – walk from there to the institute


Giessen Central Station – walk directly from the station to the institute (“Zeughaus”) in about 20 minutes

By car:

From Dortmund via A45 (junction Wetzlar-Ost) – B49 – B429 (exit Giessen-West, city center) – access via Nordanlage

From Erfurt, Kassel via junction A5 (junction Reiskirchen) – B49 – access via Berliner Platz

FromFrankfurt via A5 (Gambacher Kreuz) – A 45 (Giessener Südkreuz) – A485 (junction Bergwerkswald) – B49 – B429 (exit Giessen-West, Stadtmitte) – access via the northern station

Location plan

Map pour Downtown


the website of university 

for more information about scholarships program please check this

some information of university from

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