Qatar University Bachelor Scholarships 2020


About Qatar University:

QU’s diverse and lively student body of over 20000 is a testament to the potential of Qatar’s greatest future leaders, respected scholars, and inspired artisans.

In order to ensure students reach their full potential, they are presented with many unique opportunities and challenges. These include participation in Qatar’s top national competitions for grants, international conferences, exclusive study abroad and student exchange programs, and research positions.

In addition, all students are provided a wealth of resources to ensure their every requirement for success and an exciting student life. These services include:

An award-winning campus, featuring beautiful architecture, easy travel and navigation, many quality-of-life conveniences, and more
A state-of-the-art library, with an incredible selection of volumes, as well as numerous subscriptions to academic journals, and the ability to request new trials
Cutting-edge software and communications tools for ease of access to course materials and their instructors
Large and well-furnished men’s and women’s Student Activities Buildings, which offer an ideal place for students to meet, socialize, and network
A Student Learning Support Center (SLSC), for course help and extracurricular workshops to enhance skills
The Student Counseling Center (SCC); a top-class resource for students who wish to privately discuss important personal matters, including family planning, personal management, acclimating to university life, and anything else on their mind
An impressive offering of cafeterias and dining options, catering to many individual tastes and health requirements
University-sponsored events, trips, and activities, to enhance student life and also encourage meaningful social interaction with each other and faculty

Qatar University Faculty & Staff :

Qatar University proudly offers an extraordinary group of over 1,000 prestigious faculty, ranging from carefully selected international experts, to Qatar’s own top national minds.  Every faculty member is recognized for their experienced research and/or tireless dedication to students, and is able to share a greater passion and insight into their field and how it can help apply to regional needs, as we pursue the National Vision.

About Qatar University  Scholarship:

Qatar University supports a wide variety of scholarships recipients each academic year in order to attract highly qualified students. While the vast majority of academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and scholarly achievement.

Since its inception in 1977, Qatar University (QU) continues to serve as Qatar’s primary institution of higher education and has become today a beacon of academic and research excellence in the region.

QU is committed to providing high-quality education in areas of national priority. Underpinning this commitment is the goal to align its colleges, programs and courses with established international standards and best practices. As a result, QU has been successful in its accreditation initiatives, earning the endorsement of numerous leading international accrediting bodies.

QU hosts ten colleges — College of Arts and Sciences (CAS); College of Business and Economics (CBE); College of Education (CED); College of Engineering (CENG); College of Health Sciences (CHS); College of Law (LAWC); College of Medicine (CMED); College of Pharmacy (CPH); College of Sharia and Islamic Studies (CSIS) and College of Dental Medicine (CDM).

QU offers the widest range of academic programs — 45 Bachelors, 27 Masters, eight Ph.D. programs, four Diplomas, and a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)– in Qatar tailoring them to meet the needs of Qatari society.

Research is an integral part of the academic environment at QU and is bolstered by an ambitious five-year roadmap addressing national priorities and listing four priority research areas — Energy, Environment and Resource Sustainability; Social Change and Identity; Population, Health and Wellness; and Information, Communication and Technologies (ICT) — a state-of-the-art Research Complex, and 14 research centers of excellence. It is further enhanced by over 400 collaborative projects in over 130 countries.

Community engagement is an area stationed at the heart of QU’s mission and vision. The University prides itself on the quality of its students and alumni, and is committed to ensuring that campus life is an enriching environment for encouraging academic excellence, volunteerism, civic responsibility and leadership. Its Alumni Association brings together 47,000 alumni, current students and Qatari society.

QU is advancing its goal to become a leader of economic and social development in Qatar through collaborations and partnerships with industry, government, academia, business and civil society in Qatar and beyond.

Qatar University Scholarships Details:

This scholarship is offered by the University to the admitted students in the university. The applicants to this scholarship may be nominated by their embassies or may apply directly to Qatar University. Nominated students may receive these scholarships during the Fall semester and the Spring semester of the same academic year, though they are NOT allowed to transfer the scholarship to the next academic year. There are two types of these scholarships which are internal and external Scholarships.

Degree: –

Bachelor for  All-Academic Fields & Majors like:

  • College of Arts and Sciences (Arts Majors)
  • College of Arts and Sciences (Sciences Majors)
  • College of Business and Economics
  • College of Education
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Law
  • College of Medicine
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Sharia and Islamic Studies
  • College of Dental Medicine


Students will be sponsored by Qatar University and these scholarships include exemption from courses tuition fees, provision of university accommodation, and annual round trip air fare ticket and textbooks fees exemption.


College Requirements:

College High School Percentage
College of Arts and Sciences (Arts Majors) 70%
College of Arts and Sciences (Sciences Majors) 70%
College of Business and Economics 70%
College of Education 70%
College of Engineering 70%
College of Health Sciences 70%
College of Law 70%
College of Medicine 85%
College of Pharmacy 80%
College of Sharia and Islamic Studies 70%
College of Dental Medicine 85%

please review other required program from official page

Application Deadline :


for more details see below table or visit website

Date Event
Sunday, 13 October 2019 Start of online admission application for international applicants, new applicants and current QU students
Sunday, 13 October 2019 Start of submitting the required scholarship documents for new applicants and current QU students.
Tuesday, 5 November 2019 End of online scholarship application for international applicants, new applicants and current QU students.
Thursday, 7 November 2019 End of submitting the required scholarship documents for new applicants and current QU students.
Sunday, 8 December 2019 Start of online exemption application for current QU students.
Thursday, 9 January 2020 End of online exemption application for current QU students.

Required Documents :

  1. Complete Online Admissions Application with an e-payment of QR 200
  2. Final, official and certified high school transcript
  3. Health Certificate issued inside Qatar (International students please refer to International Students Website)
  4. Photocopy of the applicant’s Qatar ID card.
  5. Non-Qatari applicants must also provide a copy of their passport; international students please refer to International Students website.
  6. Non-Qatari applicants with Qatari parents must also provide a photocopy of the applicant’s parent Qatar ID card and Birth certificate and Non Qatari female students married to Qatari Nationals must also provide the marriage contract and a copy of the ID card of the husband.
  7. Two (2) recent identical passport size photographs (size 4 x 6 cm) with white background
  8. Official test score reports for applicants to Colleges that require Foundation Program ( if available) to be submitted to the Foundation Program Testing Center in order to be exempted from the Foundation Program.

how to apply:

All undergraduate applicants to Qatar University are required to apply to their intended college of study using the QU online admission application.  please visit this page for more details

and then :

Submit Required Documents

It is important to note that all required documents need to be submitted to the Admissions Department in order to complete your application or mailed to the following address:

Undergraduate Admissions
Admissions Department
Qatar University
PO Box 2713
Doha, Qatar

All other missing requirements may be submitted in-person  or mail, by the admission deadline. Applicants should not submit any supporting documentation to the Admissions Department until they have submitted an admissions application. The Admissions Department will not accept any documentation unless an admissions application has been submitted for the intended semester of admission.



official website  Qatar University  Scholarship:

website:- click here

Contact Qatar University:

For further information or inquiries regarding scholarships, please contact the Scholarships and International Admissions Section of the Admissions Department.

Location: Admissions and Registration Building

Women: (+974) 4403-3749

Men: (+974) 4403-3748

Email: [email protected]

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