Turkey Scholarships 2021


About Turkey  Scholarship:


Apart from providing education opportunities at an international caliber as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience, Turkey offers scholarships to international students from all over the world to study in the most prestigious universities in Turkey.

Turkey opens the doors of its universities for international students from all around the world with “Türkiye Scholarships”. The scholarship program provides its recipients with vast opportunities and education in the most prestigious Turkish universities, helping students gain new perspectives and have a unique educational experience during their study in Turkey.

Türkiye Scholarships is a government-funded, competitive scholarship program, awarded to outstanding students to pursue full-time or short-term program at the top universities in Turkey.

Türkiye Scholarships aims to build a network of future leaders committed to strengthening cooperation among countries and mutual understanding among societies.

What makes Türkiye Scholarships unique is that it’s not only inclusive of financial support but also provides university placement to its awardees at all levels of higher education.

The scholarship program offers programs at the 50 top and most prestigious universities in Turkey, and provides a compulsory one-year Turkish Language Course which ensures that all students acclimatize and adapt to the social and cultural environment they live in.

Türkiye Scholarships also provides assistance in all the necessary services and procedures for an international student to feel at home in Turkey. These include, providing a dormitory, health insurance, student bank account, and a student residence permit, as well as a one-year language course.


Turkey Scholarships Details:

Applications for Success Scholarships 2021

A specific number of international students will be granted Success Scholarships provided that they receive education in Turkey and meet the necessary requirements.


Success Scholarship  funding :

Success Scholarships cover only monthly scholarship payments for an academic year and these payments are made only in months (9 months) students continue their education.

Applicants eligible to Success Scholarship will receive the following monthly payments:

■ ₺ 450 for undergraduate students,

■ ₺ 600 for graduate students,

■ ₺ 900 for PhD students.

Application Criteria for Success Scholarship:

■ Students must have a foreign citizenship. In case students hold dual citizenship, one of their nationality being the Republic of Turkey, they cannot apply to the Success Scholarship Program (Exchange students are not eligible).

■ Students must complete at least one academic year (2 semesters) in undergraduate, graduate or PhD degrees in Turkey (including scientific preparation classes), and undergraduate students must have at least 3.00 (out of 4) GPA (Grade Point Average), while PhD students must score at least 3.5 (out of 4) in order to be eligible.

■ Undergraduate students in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy as an exception must have at least 2.50 (out of 4) GPA in order to be eligible.

■ Students who will apply to the Success Scholarship Program must not be previously granted or currently benefitting from any other scholarship granted as per Turkey Scholarships (including State, Government Scholarships, and cancelled scholarships).

■ Also, students must not be currently benefitting from a scholarship granted by any institution or organization


Documents Required for Application Success Scholarship:

Students must provide all requested data for application; scan and upload requested documents to the system in a supported format (pdf, jpeg, etc.). Otherwise, applications will be considered invalid.

In case any error or mistake is detected in the information and documents submitted by students, their applications will be considered invalid. And in case such a mistake or error is detected after granting the scholarship, the total amount of scholarship paid to students will be collected as per the relevant legislations.

■ Copy of a valid ID or Passport (Mandatory)




How to apply Applications for Success Scholarships 21 :

got to https://tbbs.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr and create account or open if you have account before and enter their “Personal Information, Educational Background, Social Activities, etc.” in order to apply to Success Scholarship.

Contact & Questions for Success Scholarships 2021 :

You can send your questions and suggestions to [email protected]
Wish you success.


Funding Research Scholarship Program :

Monthly Stipend: 3.000 TL per month


Application Criteria:

  • Minimum academic achievement for Master’s and Doctorate degree applicants: 75%
  • Age less than 45 years



Phd holders or PhD candidates who are citizens of countries other than Turkey may apply to the Research Fellowship Programme.

Candidates must have completed their PhD studies or be at the dissertation stage.

Also, it is essential that candidates have an official Acceptance / Invitation Letter from a university in Turkey for research.

(To have an Acceptance / Invitation Letter, researchers should contact the universities individually)

Other requirements are as follows:
– Being under 45 years old as of application date (preferably),
– For PhD students, being enrolled at a university doctoral program abroad and being at the dissertation stage,
– Having a PhD diploma for PhD holders,
– Certifying the language proficiency required for the research.
– If personal data will be collected with the methods such as experiment, survey, focus group discussion, practice, having the “Ethics Committee Approval Certificate” from the Ethics Committee of the university;
– If a study will be carried out on historical monuments and archeological sites with non-public information, documents from institutions and organizations, having “Legal Permit” taken from a related governmental institution,


 Application deadline  for Research Scholarship Program :

31 Dec – 21 Jan  2020- 2021


How to apply Applications Research Scholarship Program:

got to https://tbbs.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr and create account or open if you have account before and enter their “Personal Information, Educational Background, Social Activities, etc.” in order to apply to Success Scholarship.

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