Chevening Scholarship 2020/2021 – UK Government’s Global Programme


Applications for 2020/2021 Chevening Scholarships are open until 5 November 2019

Chevening is the UK Government’s global scholarship programme that offers future leaders the unique opportunity to study in the UK. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding professionals from all over the world to pursue a one-year master’s degree in any subject at any UK university.

Chevening provides fully-funded scholarships, leaving you free to focus on achieving your academic goals and enjoying the experience of a lifetime. You will live and study in the UK for a year, during which time you will develop professionally and academically, grow your network, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK.

If you have ambition, leadership potential, and a strong academic background, we encourage you to apply before 5 November 2019.

What is included?

As Chevening Scholarships are fully-funded, your award includes the following:

  • university tuition fees
  • a monthly stipend
  • travel costs to and from the UK
  • an arrival allowance
  • a homeward departure allowance
  • the cost of one visa application
  • a travel grant to attend Chevening events in the UK

How to apply

We recommend that you review the following pages to help you prepare your application:

You will need to select three different master’s courses. These can be three different courses at the same institution or three similar courses at up to three different universities.

Choose your three courses carefully. You will not be able to change your course choices after submitting your application unless you are granted permission to do so at the interview stage. You will need to apply separately to your selected courses directly via the university. Please apply as soon as possible to ensure you get a place. To be awarded a scholarship, you must get an unconditional offer for one of your course choices by 16 July 2020.

We recommend selecting three similar courses at three different universities to increase the likelihood that you will gain entry into one of them.

Please note that the course titles do not have to match exactly, but all three courses should be similar in content. You should select courses that reflect your current or future career goals.

Eligible courses

In order to be eligible, the courses you choose must be full-time, and:

  • Start in the autumn term (usually September/October)
  • Taught master’s (i.e. not research-focused MRes programmes)
  • Lead to a master’s degree qualification
  • Based in the UK

Please note:

MBA fee cap: There is a fee cap applied to MBA programmes that requires you to cover any additional cost over £18,000.

London-based campuses: If you wish to undertake a course offered at a London-based campus of a UK university that is based elsewhere in the country, you will only be permitted to do so if that exact course is unavailable at the university’s main campus. If the same course is offered at both the main campus and the London campus of a university, you will be expected to attend the main university campus.

Accuracy of courses: The Secretariat endeavours to provide an accurate list of courses during the application process. However, as courses can change from one year to the next, you are responsible for checking that the courses you list in your application meet the criteria for Chevening funding. The Secretariat completes final checks on courses that all candidates have selected following the interview period, and any courses that do not meet the criteria will be deemed ineligible.

Missing courses: If you believe that a course is eligible but does not appear in the online application system, you must submit your missing course query no later than 12:00 GMT (noon) on Thursday, 31 October in order for it to be considered ahead of applications closing.

Oxford University Diplomatic Studies Programme: The postgraduate diploma in Diplomatic Studies at Oxford University is the only postgraduate diploma you can take up on a Chevening Scholarship. All other courses must be a taught master’s degree.

How to apply

We recommend that you review the following pages to help you prepare your application:

If you have ambition, leadership potential, a strong academic background, and are looking to bring your ideas to life, we encourage you to apply for a Chevening Scholarship.

For information about the application and selection process, visit the application timeline and frequently asked questions.

Notice: We have been made aware of agencies offering assistance on Chevening Scholarship applications for a fee. We can confirm that these agencies are not approved or endorsed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, or the Chevening Secretariat. We advise potential applicants against the use of these services in the strongest possible terms. Use of a paid for service for Chevening applications is not permitted.

Additional information

English language: English language test availability in this country can be limited and we strongly encourage you to book your test as soon as possible. Please see our English language page for further details on the test providers accepted by Chevening.


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